features1Beautifully Crafted Themes…
Lots Of Them

Currently we have over 125 searchable email templates for customer use. Beautifully crafted and customized to your YMCAs name, our templates allow customers to market Y news and programs like never before. Most of our email templates come in all five brand colors and are easily searchable.

Themes Include

• eNewsletters
• Sports
• Afterschool
• Camp
• Giving
• Wellness
• And More!


feature2Fast + Easy

You know how it always takes forever to send emails to members? With MemberThrive templates, most of the work is done for you. Spend less time and make a better impact, it’s perfect.

  • Drag & drop images from your desktop
  • Embed videos (from services like Youtube & Vimeo) within your emails. We will automatically do what it takes for it to be email friendly.




features1Easy Migration + Ongoing Updates

Upon sign up, the MemberThrive team will migrate your existing email lists over and will set up your account. Our Customer Success Reps are ready to make your email branding easier.

Quarterly Updates

If you select our Innovator or Dominator accounts, you’ll get fresh new templates every quarter. By the way, we take requests, so tell us what you need!





All the reports you need and more! See campaign interactions and social activities in real time right on your dashboard. Instantly view mentions on Twitter, Facebook status updates and campaign interactions (such as subscribe, clicks and opens) as they occur.

  • Read/Open Tracking
  • Link Tracking
  • Reply Tracking
  • Email Client Reports
  • Trend Reporting





Already have forms on you website from software vendors? MemberThrive connects with over 250 other companies.


You have a Wufoo form on your website. Each time a new contact completes the form, their contact info is imported into MemberThrive and a series of emails sent to the contact.

Ideal for afterschool, sports, or camp marketing.